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3D Measuring: our unique solution for accurate profile machining

Mubea Systeme has developed a special measurement solution for industrial profiles. The secret of success? Measuring just before machining, not after. Plus, the 3D measuring and the machining are performed in the same programme – one flow, one process...

In brief: your machining on the plate is right the first time – there’s no need to make adjustments or corrections afterwards.

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3D Measuring: what’s the great benefit?

3D Measuring is the greatest benefit from Mubea Systems – it’s the reason customers contact us. Why? Because an industrial profile is never straight. So we have to make measurements. Moreover, to machine at exactly the right place on an industrial profile, 1 measurement is not enough. With our software, we can make up to 3 measurements to accurately prepare 1 machining operation. And above all: we do this in-house!

3D Measuring: how does it work?

With a radio wave probe tool, the machine measures a surface anywhere on the profile, compares it with the theoretically expected coordinates, and calculates the difference.

With these deviations, the Mubea 3D Measuring system on the machine calculates the right translations and/or rotations, depending on the type of measurement group technology that has been chosen in the Mubea Pyramid 3D software.

These translations and rotations are then converted into the right transformations for the initial machining operation. When necessary, these compensations also turn the A-axis and/or the C-axis.

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3D Measuring: fully integrated in a total solution

This measuring method is integrated into our Pyramid 3D software, which we also manage in-house, and it runs on all of our CNC machine centers. Discover the machine centers with the Pyramid 3D software here.

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