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Upgraded Euromaster, Q3 punching machine: Hall 1, stand 1133!
Haco is present at Blechexpo and is showing the upgraded Euromaster press brake, having everything from both worlds. The Euromaster is showcased next to our Q3 CNC Punching Machine. We're showing how we bend up to 75 mm with a punch press and how producing parts has never been more efficient.
Hall 1, stand 1133: that's where we meet!
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  • Q3 punching machine bending up to 75 mm at Blechexpo (Stuttgart) 

    With our 22 or 30 tons high speed servo hydraulic punching head, sheet dimensions 2000 x 1500 mm and rotation axis for all tools, the Haco Q3 is the perfect CNC turret punching machine. The large fully-brushed sheet support tables and the standard repositioning cylinders, allow for standard sheet sizes to be processed easily.

  • Euromaster press brake with upgraded specifications bending parts at Blechexpo

    The Haco Euromaster range pressbrakes is already known for its outstanding features. It is now also available with upgraded specifications such as increased daylight opening (570mm), ram stroke (370mm) and gap (400mm) in addition to increased fast approach and return speed (up to 200mm/s).

    The backgauge speeds have been improved up to 600mm/s (X axis), 200mm/s (R axis) and 1000mm/s (Z1/Z2 axes).

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