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2017: a year of growth for the HACO Group

HACO keeps expanding and takes over Design Technologies International (DTI), offering smart solutions to today’s tough applications.

With the strategic taking over of the Polish firm DTI, we are reinforcing our international established position in the custom-made industrial market. Thanks to the incorporation of DTI, we are capable of offering our clients even more special-purpose custom designed machine tools and also the implementation of “turn-key” projects.

75 years of combined machinery experience

The Polish firm DTI has been developing and designing state of the art equipment, software and heavy machinery since it’s foundation in 1991. Just like the HACO Group, DTI develops new, modern and advanced technologies on demand. Together, we will enter an era of custom industrial market. We join forces and use our 75 years of combined experience to develop impressive, huge and precise machines for our customers worldwide in the railway and energy industry.



Workpiece Capacity:                

  • Swing over bedways                                             - 1,52 m             
  • Total distance between centers                          - 24,38 m            
  • Carrying capacity between centers                    - 80 tons

The lathe is intended for: Rough and finish machining, turning, boring, reaming, tapping, thread cutting, taper  turning, facing with constant cutting speed, grinding, abrasive, milling and drilling, cold rolling.



Twin Bed, heavy milling machine for the railway industry

Specialized products

The company’s plane, gantry and horizontal boring mills focus on custom projects. DTI’s big, heavy milling machinery is dedicated for machining tough and demanding materials such as Inconel, Titanium, Hadfield steel, etc. Customers can now rely on these custom machines to use new, tough materials in order to increase their output and reduce production costs.


Ellwood Mill Products USA FB200 CNC

  •  1(one) vertical milling head
  •  1 (one) side milling head
  •  spindle power for the vertical milling head – 200 kW
  •  spindle power for the side milling head – 100 kW
  •  max. torque for the vertical milling head – 47 000 Nm
  •  max spindle torque for the side milling head – 23 000 Nm  

This machine is dedicated for machining high alloy steel up to 400HB hardness.

DTI also develops and manufactures exclusive lathes for machining work pieces from diameter 700mm up to 2.50m and lengths from 3m up to 30m. The maximum weight of these lathes? Up to 400 tons. DTI’s vertical lathes have a table with a diameter of 1.200mm up to 5.000mm, treating work pieces up to 100 tons.

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