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Looking back on 2013, a year of machining centre success

Mubea Systeme Gmbh can look back on the past year with pride. As a German company that started out a local supplier, we have definitely earned our place in the international market. Our success may be drawn from the fact that we are just that: a German company. Our machining centers are manufactured in Germany and Belgium, which allows for strict quality control and easy access to state-of-the-art technology.

More and more, our focus is on larger industrial profiles, especially for the promising market of mass transport. In that context, 2013 brought us a number of challenging projects and satisfied customers:

1. Sapa Group: 5-axis Mega-Flex machining center

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Sapa Profiles China is an aluminum extrusion company with a customer base in a wide range of industries, including mass transportation, automotive and construction industry. They already have 3 Mubea Systems Multi-Flex machining centers and will soon start using their brand new 5-axis Mega-Flex.

The Mega-Flex is not just any machining center, but the very top of our product range. The most sophisticated technology, such as a patented double x-axis and an extra double vertical clamping device on the column, guarantees that this machine will meet all the needs of the mass transportation market. 

2. Jilin Liyuan Aluminium: five Profile-Flex machining centers

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Jilin Liyuan Aluminium, one of China’s biggest aluminum profile suppliers, invested in no less than five Mubea Profile-Flex machining centers. They acquired three 12 meter single head Profile-Flex machining centres and two 30 meter twin head Profile-Flex machining centres. With these 5-axis machines, they can now extrude and finish an aluminum profile in just one setup.

Jilin Liyuan exports to 18 different countries and has a sales network that covers the whole of China. Mubea Systems is proud to be able to contribute to their further success. 

3. Zhong Wang: 5-axis Multi-Flex machining center

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China Zhongwang Holdings Limited is the world’s second biggest industrial aluminum extrusion manufacturer and the biggest in Asia. Their customer base includes over 1,000 customers in railway, shipbuilding and other industries.

This year, they acquired Mubea Systems’ latest 5-axis CNC machining center: a 30 meter twin head Multi-Flex. This is their fourth Mubea Systems machining center so far. The machine will be used to process aluminum alloy components for carriages for various types of passenger rail transport.

The machining center will allow for more efficiency and precision and the possibility of processing complex curved profiles. With the most advanced European technology incorporated into its systems, the Multi-Flex is up to this task! 

4. Titan Trailers: 5-axis Multi-Flex machining center

Since the 5-axis Multi-Flex machining center is designed especially for automatic tooling of exceptionally long aluminum and steel profiles, it was a logical investment for the Canadian company Titan Trailers. This machining center was customized to meet their every need, as you can see in this video:

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