Mubea Systems
Unmatched accuracy

Mubea Systeme manufactures a complete range of 4- and 5-axis CNC machining centers, specially designed for automatic tooling of exceptionally long aluminum and steel profiles. With this product offering, it increasingly tailors to the needs of customers in the fast-growing mass transportation market. Looking to provide these clients with unmatched accuracy, precision and performance, Mubea Systems has found a solid solution in Siemens’ SINUMERIK 840D sl control system.

The future of travel

The trend is clear: trains are getting faster and are covering ever more distance. With countries like China nearly doubling their high-speed electric train services, it seems obvious that mass transportation is the future of travel. “It will become an enormous market”, predicts Chris De Mûelenaere, head of the Mubea Research and Development team. “After all, high-speed trains are an ecological and cost-effective alternative to short distance air travel. That’s why Mubea Systeme is progressively focusing on large industrial profiles that are used in transport systems such as high-speed trains, trailers, trams and underground rail systems.”

Meeting market needs

Mubea selects high quality components and software to provide flexible and reliable machines. Its product range includes the 4-axis gantry Alu-Flex, the 5-axis C-frame Profile-Flex and the 5-axis gantry Multi-Flex. “At the very top of our product range is the 5-axis Mega-Flex”, says Frank Havegeer, CEO of Mubea Systeme.

“It’s a unique profiling machine center with a patented double X-axis, providing higher dynamics and improved capacity. Thanks to an extra double vertical clamping device on the column, the Mega-Flex meets the highest standards in machining speed and finishing accuracy. Like all Mubea machines, it is supplied in 30 or 60 meter lengths, with one or two heads that work either together or separately. This twin head solution offers even more speed and flexibility. In this way, we are meeting the needs of the mass transportation market: speedy delivery, cost-effectiveness and quality.”

International support

Mubea Systeme has regional offices in Belgium, Germany, the United States, Canada and China. It delivers machine centers in 10 countries, amounting to an export rate of 99%. Needless to say, international customer support is of paramount importance to the company. “Mubea Systeme has its own people that visit clients when, for example, tailor-made machinery is needed”, says Kris Rosseeuw, who is responsible for Service at Mubea.

“For everyday technological issues however, Siemens service contracts offer a huge advantage. Around the globe, Mubea customers can count on the fast and profound support of Siemens engineers. Thanks to these service contracts, Mubea Systems is a partner clients can rely on. Evidently, this level of support is essential to our continued international expansion.”

The Future: high-speed cutting of solids

In the coming years, Mubea will further expand its product range, mainly focusing on 5-axis machines and developing new machinery for high-speed cutting of solids in aluminum and new materials like titanium. “By developing our product offering, we are also exploring new markets like aviation”, Marketing Director Jim Bogaert concludes. “Drawing on Siemens’ CNC knowhow and extensive support, we are confident that we can rely on a solid partner for the future.”

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