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Multi-Flex ready to be shipped for AVIC-ADE

AVIC International Aero-Development Corporation invested in our Multi-Flex profile machining center to machine aluminium parts used in aviation. 


AVIC International Aero-Development Corporation (“AVIC-ADE”) ( is a leading aviation sales and service provider in mainland China. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of AVIC International Holding Corporation (“AVIC”), the largest Chinese state-owned aerospace company with global network of 80 branches throughout China, the Asia Pacific, Europe, America and Africa.

Specifications of the Multi-Flex
**Work Piece Length** 6.250 up to 30.250 mm 246.1 " up to 1,190.9 "
**Work Piece Width** 1.300 mm 51.18 "
**Work Piece Height** 650 mm 25.59 "
**Rapid X** 60 m/min 39.4 "/s
**Rapid Y** 60 m/min 39.4 "/s
**Rapid Z** 60 m/min 39.4 "/s
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NAS 979 Cone Frustum cutting test for Acceptance at Mubea Systems plant

NAS 979 Composite Cutting Test for Acceptance at Mubea Systems plant
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