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Alu-Flex 8.820 mm up to 10.320 mm

The Alu-Flex is an ideal machine for finishing aluminium profiles nested over a full bar length. The Alu-Flex is a Gantry machining center with a 4-axis milling motor of 12 kw, a tool turret of 12 places and mitre saw unit.

The Alu-Flex is a Gantry Frame machining center with 4-axis milling motor of 12 KW with tool turret of 12 places. At this large profile section,  width 550 mm x heigth 200 mm, we are albe to measure, drill, tap, mill and saw. The result of the measure probe will be automatically compensated in the NC-Program. Clamps (8 up to 16) are placed with the column of the machine or they are motorized by themselves.

Specifications 4-Axis Gantry frame 

**Work Piece Length** 8.820 up to 10.320 mm 347.2 " up to 406.3 "
**Work Piece Width** 550 mm 21.65 "
**Work Piece Height** 200 mm 7.87 "
**Rapid X** 60 m/min 39.4 "/s
**Rapid Y** 60 m/min 39.4 "/s
**Rapid Z** 30 m/min 19.7 "/s

4-Axis water cooled spindle (12 KW)

  • aluflex-a-axis-with-standard-tool.jpg
**Spindle power** 12 KW (S6) 16.3 Hp
**CNC rotation of the spindle (A-axis)** 90 °/sec 50 °/sec
**Maximum speed** 22.000 rpm 22.000 rpm
**Tool holder type** HSK-F63 HSK-F63

CNC rotary tool magazine

  • aluflex-tool-magazine-12-positions.jpg
**Number of places** 12 12
**Maximum tool length** 160 mm 6.3 "
**Maximum tool diameter** 120 mm 4.72 "
**Adaption angular tools** standard standard

Tool turret for angular and special tools

  • aluflex-a-axis-with-angular-tool-holder-1-exit-180.jpg
  • aluflex-extra-magazine-2-modules.jpg
**Max. Tool Length** 200 mm 7.87 "
**Max. Tool Diameter** 330 mm 13 "
**Number of Tools** 2 or 4 2 or 4

Mitre Saw Unit

Pneumatic over turning saw unit with 3 positions (-45°/0°/+45°) is standard. CNC over turning between -45° ane +45° of the saw unit is optional.

  • aluflex-20060506-03.jpg
  • afsaw0.jpg
  • afsaw45-1.jpg
**Spindle power** 2.2 KW 3.0 hp
**Maximum speed** 2.800 rpm 2.800 rpm
**Height - Vertical Sawing** 200 mm 7.87 "
**Height - Mitre Sawing -45°** 100 mm 3.93 "
**Height - Mitre Sawing +45°** 120 mm 4.72 "
**Rapid Y2** 30 m/min 19.7 "/s

Working area and safety precautions

All models are standard delivered with safety fences on the left, right and back side of the machine. The front side is protected with a CE certified led safety curtain to protect the working area. As an option all our models can be equipped as 2 working zones with CE safety scanner. The great advantage of scanners is that there are no barriers in the middle of the machine, which makes loading and unloading a lot easier when switching from 2 zones to 1 large working area.

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