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A high-performance, high-gantry machining center

This machinery is equipped with the most advanced and mature technology to ensure a long working life and a good anti-vibration capability. It also has the latest Siemens 840D CNC machining features according to the latest CE manufacturing standards.

The machine construction is driven by an experienced team of engineers in mechanics, electrics, hydraulics, pneumatics, automation and application software.

Completely different

This machine type is completely different in comparison with the traditional bed frame machine type: a high gantry machining column upon the beams of a strong U form foundation. The big advantage of this machine construction is that dynamics are independent of the work piece weight.

2 working zones

The working zone can be split up in 2 working zones : while machining a work piece in one of both working zones, in the other zone a finished part can be unloaded and a new part loaded. This working principle is named “pendular working”.

Between both working zones a movable door is closed to fulfill safety regulations. In both working zones a tool change or milling head change can be executed.


On both sides of the safety area there are entrance doors in order to load/unload the work piece. When working in 2 working zones an extra control panel is foreseen.

The machine has a very strong foundation in order to optimize and to improve the accuracy, dynamics and overall machine performance.

Stability by beams

The U form foundation is consisting of 2 longitudinal beams on which the X axis of the machine is moving. Between these beams a floor plate is made to fill the empty space. Both beams of the foundation are consisting of armed concrete which ensure stability and isolation of vibrations.

In contrast with the moving bed frame machines the volume of concrete is much smaller:

  • the length of the foundation of this machine type is only half so long
  • the floor plate thickness can be limited between both beams
  • the depth of the foundation is less deep due to the beam construction

Ensuring accuracy and stability

The height distance between the X and Y axis is also much smaller in comparison with the traditional bed frame machines. Using this construction principle the accuracy and stability are ensured.

Second X axis (Patented)

To guarantee high dynamics and speed the machine is standard foreseen with a second X axis, named X2: while the big and strong X axis bridge is blocked, the X2, Y and Z axis take over all machining work.

The X2 axis is a “patented system” with a travel of 1.000 mm for high dynamic machining possibilities: operations below 1.000 mm in X and full width in Y can be done by this separate X2 axis with higher dynamics and speed than the main X axis.

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