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Why Mubea proposes a Twin Head (TH) or Twin Spindle (TS) machine instead of interchangeable spindle motors in a 2 axis head on the same RAM:

There are 2 different types of spindle motors needed in order to execute "roughing" and "finishing":

  • “Roughing” with bigger and more stable head and spindle motor with larger tool taper ( HSK-A100 or ISO50 ), lower nominal and maximum rotational speeds and higher power and torque.
  • “Finishing” with smaller head and spindle motor tool taper ( HSK-A63 ), higher nominal and maximum rotational speeds and lower power and torque.

Big disadvantages using a spindle change in the same head:

  • Permanent magnets in asynchronous spindle motors: risk of final demagnetisation if spindle motor parameters aren't correct adjusted after spindle change.
  • Chips and dirt during spindle change cause connection failures
  • Spindle change time
  • Risk of machine failure much higher
  • Accuracies in geometry due to spindle changes
  • Performances of both heads aren't perfect
  • Temperature control is more difficult
  • Maintenance cost much higher
Mubea's solution: Twin Head ( TH ) or Twin Spindle ( TS ) combination with “High Speed” type HS and “High Torque” type AB.

A Twin Head (TH) machine consist of a High Speed  machining column type HS for “finishing” at the left side and High Torque machining column type AB for “roughing” at the right side.

In this configuration all advantages of HS and AB machining columns are respected. Disadvantage: there is a longer machine surface needed.


Twin Spindle: Only 1 machining column

In comparison with the Twin Spindle ( TS ) configuration, there is only one machining column with High Speed  machining RAM type HS for “finishing” at the back side and High Torque machining RAM type AB for “roughing” at the front side. In this configuration the machining column has less dynamics due to the bigger weight, but shorter machine surface needed.

Giga-Flex Twin Spindle (TS): double High Speed Spindle (HS)


  • 2gftshs246023-1.jpg


Giga-Flex Twin Spindle (TS) combination with High Speed type HS and High Torque type AB


  • 2gftshsab400246023.jpg


Giga-Flex Twin Spindle (TS): double High Torque type AB


  • 2gftsab400246023.jpg

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Giga-Flex HS - AB Twin Spindle (TS)
Giga-Flex HS - AB Twin Spindle (TS)