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In short, the LimaFlex is a A 3-axis machining center with a lot of flexibility. The Limaflex is capable of milling, drilling and tapping operations with it's 6kW engine. The modular setup allows for a second head to be added on the longer versions of the LimaFlex, the choice is yours: starting from 3m for shorter profiles, 7m for medium sized operations and a larger LimaFlex is available at 15m length. 

Versatility not only in length and operations but also in clamping methods for thin profiles. The LimaFlex can use vacuum suction or regular clamping to hold the profiles in place. 

To further improve efficiency and productivity the LimaFlex is capable of working in 2 zones, this way loading and unloading will not prevent the further processing of a second profile in the other zone.  The LimaFlex also features a integrated toolbox for swift and easy toolchanges without operator input and decrease production times even further. 

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