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5-axis gantry cnc machining center

A 5-axis machining center with second X especially suited for machining of panels and profile-matching. The Mega-Flex is an ideal machine for finishing aluminium profiles with very large sections (profile panels).

Due to the large profile section we are also able to finisch frames used for mass transportation. The Mega-Flex is a Gantry machine with 5-axis milling motor of 25 KW, 39.5 KW or 44 KW with a tool turret of 36 places. 

This machining center is equiped with a double X-axis in combination with 2 vertical clamping systems. This will keep your profile panel vertically clamped during the operations. 

At this large profile section,  width 3.500 mm x heigth 1.000 mm, we are able to measure, drill, tap, mill and saw. The result of the measure probe will be automatically compensated in the NC-Program. Clamps (2 x 8 up to 2 x 16) are placed with the column of the machine.

Specifications Mega-Flex with second X-axis 

**Work Piece Length** 10.750 mm & 30.250 mm 423.23 " & 1,190.9 "
**Work Piece Width** 3.500 mm 137.80 "
**Work Piece Height** 1.000 mm / 1.500 mm 39.37 " / 59.05 "
**Rapid X** 50 m/min 32.8 "/s
**Rapid Y** 60 m/min 39.4 "/s
**Rapid Z** 60 m/min 39.4 "/s
**Rapid X2** 60 m/min 39.4 "/s

5-Axis water cooled spindle (25 KW or 39,5 KW)

**Spindle power** 25 KW (S6) / 39.5 KW (S6) 34 Hp / 53.67 Hp
**Maximum speed** 22.000 rpm / 24.000 rpm 22.000 rpm / 24.000 rpm
**Tool holder type** HSK-A63 HSK-A63
**CNC rotation of the spindle (A-axis)** 300 °/sec 300 °/sec
**CNC rotation of the fork (C-axis)** 300 °/sec 300 °/sec

5-Axis water cooled spindle (47,5 KW or 55 KW)

**Spindle power** 47,5 KW (S6) / 55 KW (S6) 64,53 hp (S6) / 74,7 hp (S6)
**Maximum speed** 24.000 rpm 24,000 rpm
**Tool holder type** HSK-A63 HSK-A63
**CNC rotation of the spindle (A-axis)** 360 °/sec 360 °/sec
**CNC rotation of the fork (C-axis)** 360 °/sec 360 °/sec

CNC lineair tool magazine

  • hacodsc2087-9-1.jpg
  • hacodsc2253-8-1.jpg
**Number of places** 36 36
**Maximum tool length** 220 mm 8.66 "
**Maximum tool diameter** 700 mm 27.56 "
**Adaption angular tools** standard standard

Left and right vertical clamping bridge with each 10 clamping cylinders. Automatic positioning of the vertical clamps with the spindle. 
  • mefverticalclamping2-1.jpg
  • mefverticalclamping1-1.jpg

Measuring and milling with second X-axis with vertical clamps used.
  • mefverticalclamping4-1.jpg
  • mefverticalclamping3-1.jpg

End operations: Measuring and milling with second X-axis with only right vertical clamps used.
  • mefverticalclamping5-1.jpg
  • mefverticalclamping6-1.jpg

Working area and safety precautions

All models are standard delivered with safety fences on the left, right and back side of the machine.The front side is protected with a CE certified led safety curtain to protect the working area. As an option all our models can be equipped as 2 working zones with CE safety scanner. The great advantage of scanners is that there are no barriers in the middle of the machine, which makes loading and unloading a lot easier when switching from 2 zones to 1 large working area.

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Sapa Profiles China is an aluminum extrusion company with a customer base in a wide range of industries, including mass transportation, automotive and construction industry. They already have 3 Mubea Systems Multi-Flex machining centers and will soon start using their brand new 5-axis Mega-Flex.

The Mega-Flex is not just any machining center, but the very top of our product range. The most sophisticated technology, such as a patented double x-axis and an extra double vertical clamping device on the column, guarantees that this machine will meet all the needs of the mass transportation market.