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A full 5 axis high speed machining center for applications in the aircraft industry.

Our 5-axis vertical machining centers are designed to meet the specific needs involved in solid metal machining, such as high-speed cutting. The machinery is equipped with the latest technology and offers numerous useful and unique functionalities. The advanced software and the 5 axes allow for complex 3D cutting. These machines are especially useful in industries that make use of solid non-ferrous metals (titanium, aluminum,…) such as the airplane construction industry.

  • Megaflex HS = full 5 axis high speed machining center for application in aircraft industry
  • Equipped with linear X, X2, Y & Z-axis, rotary A & C-axis on the head
  • Travels: X = starting from 4m à 30m, Y = 2m à 6m, Z = 1m à2m, A = ±110°, C = ±360°
  • Speeds up to 60m/min and accelerations of min. 3m/s² for X2, Y and Z-axis
  • Cast iron frame, heat treated, milled and grinded
  • T groove table ( integrated in machine foundation )
  • Chip conveyor front and back side with lifting part ( integrated in machine foundation )
  • Closed working area with safety doors
  • 2 axis head with spindle motor from 25kW up to 100Kw & 25Nm up to 1000 Nm. Speed up to 30.000 rpm.
  • A&C can be torque motor driven or worm & gear driven.
  • Automatic Tool Change on the left and the right side of the column
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Mega-Flex HS
Mega-Flex HS