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Multi-Flex TH 30.250 mm 

The Multi-Flex TH is an ideal machine for finishing heavy aluminium & steel profiles nested over a full bar length. Due to the large profile section we are also able to finish frames used for mass transportation. The Multi-Flex is a Gantry machine with 2 x 5-axis milling motors of 18 KW, 25 KW or 39,5 KW with a tool turret of 36 places.

At this large profile section,  width 1.300 mm x heigth 650 mm, we are albe to measure, drill, tap, mill and saw. The result of the measure probe will be automatically compensated in the NC-Program. Clamps (2 x 8 up to 2 x 16) are placed with the columns of the machine or they are motorized by themselves.

Specifications 5-Axis Gantry 

**Work Piece Length** 30.250 mm 1,190.9 "
**Work Piece Width** 1.300 mm 51.18 "
**Work Piece Height** 650 mm 25.59 "
**Rapid X** 60 m/min 39.4 "/s
**Rapid Y** 60 m/min 39.4 "/s
**Rapid Z** 60 m/min 39.4 "/s

2 x 5-Axis water cooled spindle (18 KW)

**Spindle power** 18 KW (S6) 24.5 Hp
**CNC rotation of the spindle (A-axis)** 50 °/sec 50 °/sec
**CNC rotation of the fork (C-axis)** 50 °/sec 50 °/sec
**Maximum speed** 24.000 rpm 24.000 rpm
**Tool holder type** HSK-F63 HSK-F63

2 x 5-Axis water cooled spindle (25 KW or 39,5 KW)

**Spindle power** 25 KW (S6) / 39.5 KW (S6) 34 Hp / 53.67 Hp
**Maximum speed** 22.000 rpm / 24.000 rpm 22.000 rpm / 24.000 rpm
**Tool holder type** HSK-A63 HSK-A63
**CNC rotation of the spindle (A-axis)** 300 °/sec 300 °/sec
**CNC rotation of the fork (C-axis)** 300 °/sec 300 °/sec

2 x 5-Axis water cooled spindle (47,5 KW or 55 KW)

**Spindle power** 47,5 KW (S6) / 55 KW (S6) 64,53 hp (S6) / 74,7 hp (S6)
**Maximum speed** 24.000 rpm 24,000 rpm
**Tool holder type** HSK-A63 HSK-A63
**CNC rotation of the spindle (A-axis)** 360 °/sec 360 °/sec
**CNC rotation of the fork (C-axis)** 360 °/sec 360 °/sec

2 x CNC lineair tool magazines

  • hacodsc2087.jpg
  • hacodsc2253.jpg
**Number of places** 36 36
**Maximum tool length** 220 mm 8.66 "
**Maximum tool diameter** 700 mm 27.56 "
**Adaption angular tools** standard standard

Working area and safety precautions

All models are standard delivered with safety fences on the left, right and back side of the machine.The front side is protected with a CE certified led safety curtain to protect the working area. As an option all our models can be equipped as 2 working zones with CE safety scanner. The great advantage of scanners is that there are no barriers in the middle of the machine, which makes loading and unloading a lot easier when switching from 2 zones to 1 large working area.

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  • Machining a curved train door part

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  • Machining train wing part

  • Multi-Flex Nesting

  • Machining industrial profile

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  • Vacuum system


4 CNC Machining Centers for Sapa Profiles


In order to be a supplier of fabricated aluminium profiles and modules to the rolling stock industry, SCAP have installed top modern CNC machining facilities.

When the Joint Venture between Sapa and Chinalco (SCAP) was established, it was clear for the two owners that the company not only should supply wide and long aluminium profiles to the rolling stock industry. A trend in the industry was, and still is, that the manufacturers of trains prefer to have suppliers who are adding even more value to their aluminium profiles.

  • dsc8976.JPG
  • dsc9857.JPG
  • dsc9872.JPG

For this reason SCAP identified in the green-field project a need of installing CNC machining equipment. The equipment should not only be able to do machining of profiles, but also machining of big panels for trains, such as side-walls, floors and roofs. Since the new SCAP plant should also be dedicated for the rolling stock industry it was decided to aim for CNC machines which could meet the high requirements from these types of product applications.

After a careful evaluation process, lead by Mr. Jan Backlund and the SCAP machining engineers, the team selected the Belgian/German company Mubea Systems to be the supplier of four new CNC machines. 

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Multi-Flex Twin Head
Multi-Flex Twin Head