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Latest Siemens NC840D - PCU 50:

  • 15" TFT color flat screen
  • Operating panel
  • Qwerty panel

All controllers are delivered with Tele Service of Siemens, network and modem, USB connection and scroll ball (mouse).

Mubea software optionally available for:

  • Barcode reading and barcode printing
  • Graphic information of created pictures of the optional Pyramid 3D software

SIEMENS Sinumerik service contract

Standard on all our machines a Siemens Sinumerik service contract will be delivered. All these service contracts can be extended to a maximum of 5 years from the date of delivery.

In the electrical cabinet of the machine there will be a Siemens-sticker with the number of the service contract of the machine.

The following service is enclosed in the contract (free of charge):

  • All parts of Siemens Sinumerik - Motion Control
  • The working time and the travelling costs including lodging, rental cars, ...

Please Note, this does not mean that every part will be replaced by Siemens. Cables and servo motors will not be replaced by Siemens, this must be done by other technicians. It is also possible that some parts will be repaired and reinstalled.

The price of the contract depends on the number of axes of the machine.

Optional: Video system with camera's inside of the machining column


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NC Controller Siemens 840D
NC Controller Siemens 840D