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Zhongwang enters trailer market with 7th and 8th Mubea Machining Center

Mubea Systems has been assembling the 7th and 8th set of 5-axes CNC Aluminium machining centers for the Chinese Zhongwang Group, known as the second largest industrial aluminium extrusion product developer and manufacturer in the world (the largest one in Asia) .

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These two machining centers, type Profile-Flex-18m, are configured with our flexible clamping systems, Mubea Pyramid 3D software for complicated profiles and our full 3D measurement compensation system.

New market for Zhongwang: aluminium trailers

With these two machining centers Zhongwang is entering the trailerbuilding market. The machining centers will be used for machining aluminium parts of trailers.

7th and 8th machine

Since 2010, Mubea Systems has been cooperating with Zhongwang delivering high speed cutting technology for machining high speed train parts and industry aluminium machining. These two machining centers will be the 7th and 8th machine delivered to Zhongwang.

Mubea Systems have built a strong partnership with Zhongwang who concentrates on light-weight transportation development for a greener world.

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