Mubea Systems

The right machine for each process

Mubea Systems offers a complete range of 5-axis CNC machining centres, specially designed for automatic tooling of exceptionally long aluminium profiles and panel profiles (e.g., aluminium profiles that are laid next to, and welded to, each other to construct a large floor for a train).

The sides of the train can be built up in different parts:

  • Floor Panels and Roof Panels
  • Sole Bars, Cant rails, Cant rail Extensions
  • Skirts, Roof Elements, Latteral Beams


  • train2.jpg
  • train1-1.jpg

All of our machines are equipped with our unique 3 D Measuring Tool

Your advantage: when milling long and wide train profiles, you immediately have accurate measurements (no need to correct afterwards). Which means time-savings and guaranteed perfect quality rightaway.

  • measurestap10png.png
  • dsc0880.JPG
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